Women officers to get permanent commission in Indian Navy

Permanent commission for women in the Indian Navy

The Supreme Court on March 17, 2020, granted a permanent commission to women in the Indian Navy stated that the clerk men and women should be treated equally apex court bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachud stated that denying permanent commission women officers in the navy would be a serious miscarriage of justice.

Bench directed the center to provide a permanent commission to women officers, who are currently serving the nation, within three months with increments. The court stating that he can not allow gender discrimination in the granting of permanent commission to women officers in the Navy after it was removed by a legal bar the center, which allows officers also women the same rights.


The latest order of the Supreme Court will allow female officers to take a permanent commission in the Indian navy and serve until their retirement.

What does permanent commission mean?

Permanent Commission means that officers have the option to serve the nation until his / her retirement.

What is permanent commission in the Indian Navy?

Until now, the Indian Navy recruited male unmarried women candidates for the company Short Service Commission (SSC) in the branch Education and groom just married to his Permanent Commission (PC) in the executive branch.

Difference between Permanent Commission and Short Service CommissionHave women been granted permanent commission in the Indian Armed Forces?

The Supreme Court has ruled in February 2020 that female officers in the Department of Short Commission (SSC) of the Indian Army will be eligible to take a permanent commission. The central government has issued a notification for permanent posts for women officers in the army ten branches.


The center has opposed the move to give permanent commission to women officers, saying that the task of the sea sail can not be given to women officers in the Navy, a Russian ship that does not have washrooms for them. However, the Supreme Court rejected the argument by saying there should be no discrimination and that female officers can sail with the same efficiency as the male clerk.