July 1, 2022

UP HSRP Online Registration Feb 2021 – Remove old Number Plate Now

UP HSRP Online Registration Feb 2021 – Remove old Number Plate Now

Uttar Pradesh Govt. Start implementing online processes for high-security registration plates (HSRP) for vehicles at bookmyhsrp.com. All 2 wheel or 4 wheel owners must be equipped with the HSRP number plate mandatory according to the 1989 CMVR rules of 50. This plate will be installed by each of their car dealers above this month. In this article, we will notify you about the details of how to fill out the HSRP application form.

My HSRP registration message that starts – Online HSRP registration at Uttar Pradesh previously started on November 1, 2020. Every new or old vehicle owner can now register online for HSRP on the official website at BookmyHSRP.com.


A high-security registration plate (HSRP) is valid online

Below is a complete process for registering online for plates of high-security registration in Uttar Pradesh (HSRP up): –

Step 1: First, visit the official HSRP portal book at https://www.bookmyhsrp.com/index.aspx

Step 2: On the Home, click on “Private Vehicle (Non-Transport) – white plate” or “commercial vehicle (transportation) – yellow plate”.

Step 3: Select the type of fuel like gasoline or diesel or eV or CNG or CNG + gasoline

Step 4: Then select your vehicle type as two or three or four-wheeled wheels or commercial vehicles.

Step 5: Next Select Vehicle Make for your vehicle such as a scooter, motorcycle, auto rikshaw, 4 wheeler, or other with the name of the company that produces the vehicle.

Step 6: Now choose the name of the country like Uttar Pradesh or Delhi because these two states have started the HSRP registration process.

Step 7: The next applicant must choose their nearest location or dealer from where you want to put your HSRP.

Step 8: Then applicants must fill in-vehicle information as part of the order/appointment detail

Step 9: Applicants must enter the registration number, date, chassis number, no engine, email ID, cellphone number, vehicle type and click the “Next” button. Then OTP verification sent to your registered cellphone number. Select the date and time slot.

Step 10: Finally, applicants can make payments through online mode. People can enter GST numbers if GST is registered. Your order will be confirmed via SMS and e-mail.

Check the HSRP Registration Status – My HSRP Message
The following is a direct link to check the full status of HSRP registration at Uttar Pradesh – https://www.bookmyhsrp.com/trackder.aspx.

High-Security number plate online registration | HSRP number plate apply online 2021

Changes in the HSRP application process (latest update)

The process of ordering HSRP and color-coded stickers has been simplified to help vehicle owners, with the number of fields to be filled in the application form reduced by half. The process for ordering a high-security number plate (HSRP UP) and color code stickers has been simplified and the number of fields needed to be filled by the customer on the booking portal https://www.bookmyhsrp.com/ has reduced. Here is a complete list of changes in the HSRP application process in the upper state.

Now, after the customer enters the vehicle number, the application retrieves verified data for the vehicle class, fuel type, the chassis number (Vin number), and machine number from the Venan database, because the website has been integrated with it. It has cut down steps from 12 to only six and thus reduces the time when applying for HSRP stickers and color codes.

Also, customers now have to enter only five-digit last chassis and machine numbers when ordering HSRP. In terms of data incompatibility, customers now have the option to upload RC photos and front and rear number plate (for laser codes when ordering color code stickers.

Since November 14, the company has received 3.8 lakh orders for HSRP and 1.90 lakh for color code stickers. A total of 52,709 home delivery orders have also been received, 47,380 of them have been installed so far. The number of dealers where customers can take an appointment and get HSRP stickers and the affixed color code is also increasing.

The company has also introduced a new application where after the plate is sent from the embossing center, SMS goes to customers and dealers let them know that the plate is on the way to the AFIXASI address.

The driver’s maker must also include photographs into the application that confirms that the application has been done and the SMS will be sent to the dealer and vehicle owner in connection with the same thing.

For house delivery, the company currently has more than 450 riders. The amount is expected to reach 600 in the first week of January.
The company has also launched the helpline number and email addresses for general investigations and specific complaints related to HSRP affixations in dealers and during a home delivery.

Government orders on HSRP UP

Regional transportation offices in Uttar Pradesh have met with dealers and told them about the HSRP installation process. The Department of Transportation has done its job and now up to dealers to make a portal and issue an appointment online. The process of installing this number plate must be solved very quickly. Every vehicle owner can search for an online appointment with his dealer to get the HSRP installed.

If one vehicle owner moves from the city where someone buys a vehicle, then people can go to a car brand dealer in New City. If the city currently does not have a dealer, one can register online for a plate of high-security registration in the nearest district. Before creating an online application, the owner must ensure that no Challan is delayed to the vehicle and registration is valid.

The embedded chip plate number HSRP stores detailed vehicle ownership in the national database. In addition, the engine and chassis numbers are also stored in the national database for vehicles. Conference records are very helpful in identifying cars or stolen bicycles.

Verification of vehicle details on the Vahan Portal

On the other hand, a dealer must verify the details of the vehicle from the portal of the state government. Dealers must notify vehicle owners via SMS if details are not suitable. The owner must visit the regional office and get updated details. All vehicle owners who do not get an SMS confirmation from the dealer have to pay for online fees, print a receipt, and get an appointment. Read central government notifications for HSRP installations through the link below: –

HSRP up to 4 wheels can be charged around Rs. 500 and for 2-wheeled vehicles around the hospital. 200. There is no manual application that will be received by the dealer. After HSRP is installed, the dealer must update the details on the Venan portal.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Is a mandatory high-security registration number plate in Uttar Pradesh?

Yes, it’s mandatory. All vehicle owners must register for a high-security number plate at Uttar Pradesh

Can I choose my choice dealer from the top of my HSRP portal book online?

Applicants can choose their choice dealers from the top of my HSRP portal book online

Payment mode where for high-security plate registration is available on the BookMyHSRP portal

Candidates can pay the registration fee online in my HSRP portal message for circumstances

Can applicants check the status of booking appointments online in the BookMyHSRP portal?

Applicants can check the status of booking appointments online in the BookMyHSRP portal

Is HSRP mandatory in UP?

In what happens as an aid for vehicle owners in Uttar Pradesh, it will no longer be needed to get a high-security number plate in a registered vehicle before April 2019. The transportation department over interesting October 22 which said it was mandatory for all vehicles to get the security number plate high.

How do I get my HSRP number plate up?

  1. On the Home page click on the HSRP number plate plus color plate or only color stickers.
  2. Click the first option – the HSRP number plate plus color plate.
  3. Choose a private vehicle or commercial vehicle from both options.

What is the HSRP fee?

HSRP costs vary from country to state. On average, HSRP costs around Rs 400 for two wheels, and up to Rs 1,100 for four wheels, depending on the category.

Who needs an HSRP number plate?

The Ministry of Transportation and the Highway have made a mandatory high-security registration plate (HSRP) for all vehicles that have been sold before April 2019. The Wing Enforcement of the Delhi Transportation Department has begun to punish cars without HSRP.

What are the documents required for HSRP?

Register online for HSRP code stickers and colors do not require users to upload any documents. However, someone must save the vehicle’s RC (registration certificate) for details such as the registration number, date of registration, chassis number, and machine number.

How do I book an appointment for an HSRP number plate for an old car?

Step 1: At first you need to visit the official website, hsrpdelhi.com.

Step 2: After you are on the page, you will see a lot of options, here you need to click on the book promise of the HSRP plate.

Step 3: You will be directed to another webpage, now enter the date of your vehicle registration.

UP HSRP Contact Information

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Toll-Free Number: 1800 1200 201

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