August 9, 2022

SSO ID Kaise Dekhe 2021 in SSO Portal ?

SSO ID Kaise Dekhe 2021 in SSO Portal ?

SSO ID Kaise Dekhe – Hello friends, the full name of ID SSO is a single sign-on ID I.e. Everything is available on the same platform. Government Rajasthan has added all government schemes, government agriculture, food security, labor cards, Jan Aadhaar cards, etc., and

Popular services through the SSO ID. SSO ID gives you some service. Where the Rajasthan government was also respected in 2017 by the SMART Gervanes Award for this.

SSO ID has all functions that provide e-friend services, which can do all the work done by e-friend by creating an SSO ID, by creating your own SSO ID in SSO Portal.

If you are from Rajasthan, this post will be very useful for you to get information on SSO Rajasthan, Read until the end.

The SSO online portal has been launched by the Rajasthan government for every citizen who lives in Rajasthan. You can do almost all work sitting in your home with the help of SSO.

So let’s know the full details about SSO Rajasthan.

SSO ID कैसे बनाते है | SSO ID Kaise Banaye || Rajasthan SSO ID Kaise Banaye

What is an SSO ID (SSO ID Kya Hi)

  1. SSO is a place where you can do almost all government departments work online, it is also in one place without the help of e-partners.
  2. SSO has begun by the Rajasthan government which is only in Rajasthan. SSO will also save you time and it will also be cheaper.
  3. SSO Full Form is “Single-Sign-On” in Hindi if you want to know the full form of SSO in Hindi, then that means that all work is in one place.


When you log in to the SSO ID, something like this will appear in front of you. Where there are 70+ applications and you can use them for free which has been released by the Rajasthan government.

What can be done with the SSO ID?

Rajasthan SSO Portal is an online place where we can do all our online government work, every online application, and government website with only one password and user ID. For this, you must have an SSO ID and SSO password. If you don’t have this ID, we will also learn it here.

We can apply for private institutions, government work, your college, your university, etc. By entering Rajasthan Rajsso your ID on the SSO portal. Apart from this, there are other main tasks that can be achieved through the SSO ID.

How to Make an SSO ID from Jan Aadhaar Card – Adhaar Card SE SSO ID Kaise Banaye?

  1. Making an SSO ID from Aadhaar cards is very easy in my opinion.
  2. You must first visit the E-Partner website from the Rajasthan government. You can go by clicking here.
  3. As soon as you open this page, you will have two options. Where one login and the other will be registered.
  4. You must choose the registration option from this. Because you are registering the SSO ID.
  5. After selecting registration, you must choose citizens and click on Aadhaar.