July 1, 2022

Sony Vaio Boot From Pendrive

Sony Vaio Boot From Pendrive

This is for Sony Vaio E-series laptop :

AIM : Install a new OS from my pendrive

> Press power button

> immediately press + hold F2

> boot menu appears

> use navigation keys (arrow buttons) to go to boot tab

> set “external device” boot enable

> change boot priority so that External device comes first

(to change value use F5and F6 buttons, see botttom of screen for more)

> press F10 for “Save and Exit”

>it will restart automatically, now go with your OS instllation.

(if you are installing windows, this require multiple restart, so once the first few steps are completed and your PC reboot, again go back to BIOS settings and make internal hard drive as default boot option then continue with restart)


How do I access BIOS menu on a Sony Vaio E series laptop so that I can boot from USB

  1. Start your laptop with the USB plugged in.
  2. At the bottom of the screen it will prompt you to press (DEL or F2 or F9) to enter BIOS. (you should be quick to do this as the time delay between this screen and the next is short)
  3. Once you’ve pressed the key(maybe repeatedly. it’s ok to do that) it will come to the BIOS screen.
  4. Use the arrow keys and select boot device.
  5. Set the primary boot device to USB device, HDD 2nd boot device, optical disk 3rd.
  6. Exit BIOS and save settings.
  7. Restart the laptop(if it hasn’t started on its own).


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