July 7, 2022

NDA Exam Eligibility – Download Latest Notification (2020-2021) Now

NDA Feasibility of 2021 – The criteria for the feasibility of NDA were decided by the Union Public Service Commission. Candidates who want to appear for the NDA exam can apply to the same thing only if they meet the NDA feasibility criteria prescribed.

NDA’s feasibility criteria consist of four main aspects that are mandatory for applicants to be fulfilled. The four main aspects of NDA’s feasibility are:

  1. NDA age limit, marriage & gender status
  2. Citizenship / Vocational Citizenship
  3. NDA education qualification.
  4. Physical / Medical Qualifications Nda

This article will discuss the NDA feasibility criteria mentioned above in detail. Indian defense service aspirants must fulfill the feasibility conditions of the Academy National Defense Test.

UPSC determines the feasibility of NDA / NA in detail in official notifications. Candidates can check NDA notifications to dive in for relevant details.

Other government candidates can check the page that is linked to the latest information about the coming exam.

Feasibility of NDA

Through the official notification, UPSC released a detailed description of the condition of the Naval Academy feasibility for the exam. Candidates must go through the feasibility condition because of:

  1. The problem of acceptance certificates for candidates will not imply that the nomination is finally removed by the Commission.
  2. UPSC verifies the feasibility criteria by referring to the original document.
  3. Verification is done, once the candidate is qualified for the interview and personality test.
  4. The body of the conductor has the right to reject the nomination of the applicant at each stage of recruitment if he is found does not meet the necessary criteria and,
  5. If the candidate is appointed, in such cases it must be removed from the service.
  6. A candidate in the case of whom the certificate of feasibility is needed can be accepted for inspection but the appointment offer can be given only after the certificate of feasibility needed has been issued to him by the Indian government.

Feasibility of Nda – Nationality / Citizenship

Candidates who are willing to appear for the National Defense Academy or Naval Academy Exam are needed to fulfill the condition of the feasibility of NDA in terms of nationality or citizenship.

  1. Only candidates who meet the following national requirements will be allowed to appear for inspection.
  2. Indian citizens, or
  3. Nepal subject, or
  4. Bhutan subject, or
  5. A permanently Tibetan refugees settled in India from and before January 1, 1962.
  6. Someone from India migrated from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, East African countries in Uganda, Kenya, the Republic of Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zambia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam with permanently residential intentions in India.
  7. As long as candidates belong to category (2), (3), (4), and (5) present a feasibility certificate incurred by the Indian government to the recruitment body.
  8. However, the feasibility certificate will not be needed if the candidate is the subject of Gorkha from Nepal.

NDA Age Limit – Age for Unmarried Male Candidates

Lower Age Limit

15.7 years (not earlier than 02nd July 2001)/ 16 years during the commencement of the course.

Upper Age Limit

18.7 years (not later than 1st July 2004)/ 19 years during the commencement of the course.

Education Qualification – NDA Eligibility

  1. For NDA Army Wings – Class 12 of Pattern 10 + 2 Patterns of School Education or equivalent examination conducted by the State Education Council or University.
  2. For the Air Force and the Sea Wing NDA & for Cadet Entry Schemes 10 + 2 at the Indian Navy Academy – Class 12 patterns 10 + 2 patterns of school education or equivalent to physics and Mathematics is carried out by the State Education Council or University.

NDA – Vision standard for Navy

Uncorrected without glass -6/6, 6/9
Corrected with glass – 6/6, 6/6
Limits of Myopia – –0.75
Limits of Hypermetropia – +1.5
Binocular vision – III
Limits of color perception – I

Frequently Asked Questions – Nda’s Feasibility

Q.1. Who sets the criteria for the feasibility?

Ans. UPSC is the NDA exam behavior body, it is an authoritative body to establish a national defense / Naval Academy feasibility condition.

Q.2. What are the minimum educational qualifications that are eligible for the examination?

Ans. To appear for the NDA / NA exam candidate must pass the board 12 exams.

Q.3. What is the maximum number of times a candidate can provide the NDA exam?

Ans. According to the notification, there is no amount of effort mentioned. Candidates can appear for the exam until it meets the age limit criteria.

Q.4. What are the requirements for the minimum and maximum age limit to appear for the exam?

Ans. The lower age limit says the candidate must be 16 years as long as it starts, of course, while the upper age limit appears for the NDA exam, said that the candidate must be 19 years as long as the commencement, of course, the candidate must be between the ages of 16.5 years and 19.5 years qualify for the exam.

Q 5. Does the candidate appear in class 12 who qualify for the NDA exam?

Ans. Yes, candidates in class 12 meet the requirements of the NDA age limit.

Q 6. Are there physical and medical requirements for the NDA examination?

Ans. Yes, candidates must be physically and medically according to the standards mentioned in official notifications.

Q 7. Are married women’s candidates qualify to appear for the NDA exam?

Ans. There are no female candidates, and married men, eligible to appear for the National Defense Academy exam / Naval Academy.

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