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IGRSUP Portal – Property Registration, Search Property 2022

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IGRSUP Portal – Property Registration, Search Property 2022

IGRSUP is a great initiative to help the people of Uttar Pradesh. It Resolves the problem of standing in line and repeatedly circling the government office for stamp and registration of property and marriage.

This portal makes it easy for the Stamp and Registration Department of the Government. of UP that provides property registration and ownership details for each property in every place in Uttar Pradesh.

IGRS Full form: Intelligence Gathering and Retrieval System.

IGRSUP for Stamp, Property, Marriage Registration in UP – Complete Guide

System Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS), UP
Authority Stamp And Registration Department Uttar Pradesh
State Uttar Pradesh
Portal Name Stamp And Registration Department
Topic Property Registration & Marriage Registration
Portal Official Website https://igrsup.gov.in/

This portal Stamp and Registration Department of Uttar Pradesh provides various types of services such as

  • Registration of real estate
  • Marriage registration certificate free 12 filled
  • Certified copy of the deed

All the candidates are willing to apply for the application online and then download the official notification and read all the eligibility criteria and the application process carefully.

We will provide brief information about “IGRSUP 2021” as Scheme Benefit Eligibility Criteria, Key Features of the Scheme, Status Application, the application process, and more.

Property IGRSUP Jansunwai Online Application Process: यूपी सम्पत्ति पंजीकरण

All transactions involving the sale of immovable property must be registered in India to ensure the clean transfer of rights to the owner.

IGRSUP Property Details

In accordance with the Indian Stamp Act, stamp duty determined from the document is also charged.

IGRSUP Property Search

Stamp duty is a major source of revenue for the government of Uttar Pradesh. Stamps and Registration Department to manage the registration and transfer of property in Uttar Pradesh.

IGRSUP Property Address

In this article, we look at the procedures for registering property in Uttar Pradesh at a cost of stamp duty and explain how to registry check online.

IGRS UP Property Registration & Ownership Details – उत्तर प्रदेश में किसी भी प्रॉपर्टी की डिटेल

Procedure Apply Online Registration IGRSUP Properties & Application Form 2021

Follow these steps:

  1. To register the property in Uttar Pradesh, Visit the Official Site IGRSUPRegistration and stamp department is igrsup.gov.in.
  2. On the homepage, click on the option “Apply Online” under the Property Registration. new user registration

Lekhpal Registration

  1. To register on the site for the first time, start a new entry or “Sign in” to your account with a user id and password that has been made.
  2. Select your district, tehsil, and Registrar.
  3. Now give your phone number and create a password.

Lekhpal Login

  1. Enter the Captcha code and click on the ‘Go Home’. property registration
  2. After making the online property registration form to be shown on the screen.
  3. Select the nature of the document (Deed categories relevant Select from the options available in the drop-down menu).
  4. Enter deeds presenter name and mobile number. Providing Property Details
  5. Give details of the following properties for the registration and stamp duty calculation. Tehsil relevant districts. type of area, village, or urban. Area Subtype of tehsils Ward of the types of sub-areas that have been Property Type of Plot / Building / Agricultural Land Providing Appraiser


  1. Providing all the details of the property for assessment.
  2. Select the type of building and then click on the Next button. IGRSUP Property Registration Facility Seals and Registration Department provides five types of facilities under the Uttar Pradesh Property Register. We provide all these facilities in detail below. online application facility Friendly Website Registration of Industrial Property Investment facilities promise for property registration Property amenities online search Full details of the property
  3. Select the type of property and enter the details of an independent building by filling a residential area and the total area.
  4. Select the applicable sub-clause, if any, related to the property under consideration. Stamp Duty Calculation
  5. Based on the Deed election and other details filled in, the software will automatically calculate the Stamp Duty and Registration fees apply.
  6. Note-Some properties can also be added, to add more properties, select it from the “Add More Properties” or click on the Next button to continue. Upload Required Documents
  7. Now, upload all required documents such as ID proof, PAN number, etc.

IGRSUP online Marriage Registration Process: यूपी विवाह पंजीकरण (IGRSUP LOGIN)

The Uttar Pradesh Marriage Registration Rules 2017 provides for compulsory registration of all marriages solemnized in the State. Marriage can be registered under the Rules of Uttar Pradesh Hindu Marriage Registration, 1973. In registering marriages, a marriage registration certificate will be issued. Marriage is an important document as it is a legal proof of marriage between two individuals.

Procedure Apply Online IGRSUP Marriage Registration and Application Form 2021

UP government marriage registration online is a process based on Aadhaar. Both bride and groom must have a valid Aadhaar card to register their marriage online.

[UP Marriage Registration] Apply Online Marriage Certificate in UP | igrsup.gov.in

Here is a guide for marriages registered in Uttar Pradesh:

  1. Visit the home page of the Grievance redress Integrated System (IGRSUP).
  2. By clicking on the options, valid under Marriage registration, the page will redirect to the next page.
  3. On this page, enter the Aadhaar number of the Groom. Once inside, the OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number groom. After entering the OTP, all the details of the Groom will be sourced from the database Aadhaar (UID), including photos.
  4. On the next screen, the applicant needs to enter the mobile number of the bride and further OTP. Once the OTP is entered, the details of the bride and groom will be taken from the UID database.
  5. On the next page, the applicant needs to fill in all the other personal details of the Groom.
  6. Upload your photos and all other documents of the groom mentioned above and click save.
  7. In the next step, the applicant needs to include all the wedding details and upload documents of the bride. Click Save.
  8. After giving all the details of the bride, the applicant must include details of the wedding such as the wedding date and place of marriage. After filling in the details, click Save.
  9. Break down of witnesses who will be included and upload photos.
  10. Once you’ve entered all the details, applicants can view the details already entered.
  11. If all the details are correct, read the message, and click on submit.
  12. The number of applications with a password will appear, note for future reference.
  13. The need for an applicant to pay a fee for the registration of marriage (see above).
  14. After processing, the authorities concerned shall issue a Certificate of Marriage.


Marriage Registration Verification Choose a selection of wedding verification on the IGRSUP home page. This page will redirect to the new page, giving the application number and date of the wedding. Click the ‘see’ button to verify the details of the wedding verification.

Marriage Registration

Download to the portal again using the application number and password to download a marriage license.

Marriage Acknowledgement

Enter the captcha image displayed and click on the sign. Download a marriage certificate. the validity of Marriage UP Vivah Panjikaran applies for a lifetime.

Marriage Aadhar Registration

: Property Registration Guidelines and Marriage in IGRSUP Mandatory registration form to be filled both in Hindi and English.

Marriage Registration Login Form

: Applicants must create a password and save the application number and password for future reference.

Fill in the residential address as the same exemption certificate that you create. It is mandatory to upload a certificate of residence, photograph, identity cards, certificates of age, etc. Be sure to provide the correct information such as area/village.

Marriage Registration Form

  1. For a marriage certificate, the bride must submit an affidavit. Really cross-examine any of the information filled in the preview.
  2. If there are errors, go to the specific selection and fix it. After filling the form, select the payment option and pay at your convenience.
  3. Take a printout of the “recognition payment” after the payment for the marriage certificate download up.

Benefits of Property Certificate

  1. Here is the goal of obtaining the certificate of Uttar Pradesh Property Card
  2. All facilities Stamp and Registration Department are available online to citizens through this portal.
  3. To promote transparency between the Government of Uttar Pradesh and citizens.

Benefits of Marriage Here is the goal of obtaining a marriage license in Uttar Pradesh

A marriage certificate to prove that a woman is legally married to the person (Details are in the marriage certificate) marriage registration certificate enables social security and confidence to women who are married.

A marriage certificate is required for a claim of bank deposits or insurance benefits associated with the pair In the case of people who are married, the marriage certificate must be produced to apply for a passport.

Important Guidelines

  1. It is mandatory for the applicant to complete the application form in Hindi and English in two languages.
  2. Before completing the application form, make the following mandatory preparation.
  3. Applicants must make their own password and store their application number and password.
  4. The same address filled in the courtyard residence, which certificate you make an exception.
  5. Uploading of photos, certificates of residence, identity card, certificate of age is required.
  6. Clearly fill in the name of your area/village on the choice of locality/village.
  7. It is also required to upload a waiver for the bride. List the affidavit format given below.
  8. After filling the full-back: thoroughly examine the filled-in letter prerequisites, if any type of error, go to the choice of each, right, and once
  9. Again completed the full details to check compliance.
  10. After filling the form, select the relevant option for offline payment of the registration fee.
  11. Take a printout of the “recognition payment” after the payment.


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IGRSUP Contact Information

क्रम सं. पदनाम स्थान दूरभाष संख्या
1 महानिरीक्षक निबन्धन⁄ आयुक्त स्टाम्प उत्तर प्रदेश मुख्यालय इलाहाबाद, राजस्व परिषद भवन, सिविल लाइन्स इलाहाबाद फोन–0532–2623667
    शिविर कार्यालय, लखनऊ, विश्वास कामर्शियल काम्प्लेक्स,विश्वास खण्ड–3, गोमती नगर, लखनऊ फोन–0522–2308697
2 अपर महानिरीक्षक निबन्धन (प्रशा०) मुख्यालय इलाहाबाद फोन–0532-2623717
3 अपर महानिरीक्षक निबन्धन (विभागीय) मुख्यालय इलाहाबाद फोन-0532-2623717
4 अपर महानिरीक्षक निबन्धन शिविर कार्यालय, लखनऊ फोन-0522-2308587
5 अपर महानिरीक्षक निबन्धन (विभागीय) पश्चिमी क्षेत्र गाजियाबाद, कलेक्ट्रेट परिसर गाजियाबाद फोन-120-28220844
6 उप महानिरीक्षक निबन्धन मुख्यालय इलाहाबाद फोन-0532-242788
7 उप महानिरीक्षक निबन्धन शिविर कार्यालय, लखनऊ फोन–0522-2308713

IGRSUP.GOV.IN | स्टाम्प एवं रजिस्ट्रेशन विभाग वेबसाइट ()

  1. – इस विकल्प के अंतर्गत आप कहीं से भी कभी भी कुछ आसान से जानकारी प्रदान कर किसी भी संपत्ति को खोज सकते है।
  2. सर्वप्रथम ”संपत्ति खोजें” वाले भाग पर क्लिक करें। उसके बाद, अपनी सुविधा अनुसार दिए गए विकल्पों में से एक विकल्प का चुनाव करें। अब मांगी गई सूचनाओं को जैसे-
  3. संपत्ति का पता, तहसील/निबंधन कार्यालय, मोहल्ला, गांव त्यागी अंकित करें।
  4. सभी जानकारी सही से प्रदान करने के बाद, ‘विवरण देखें’ विकल्प पर क्लिक करें। इस प्रकार आप किसी भी संपत्ति का विवरण (UP Property Registration Details) आसानी से प्राप्त कर सकते है।


When did the deed stamp duty charge?

Stamp duty charged at the time of execution of the deed, that is, when it was to be signed or affixed, the act must be stamped on the corresponding value and the appropriate type cap (Sec. 17 Indian Stamp Act, 1899).

How much stamp duty charged on power?

When a person is appointed as attorney authority for the implementation of tasks and work in place, the deed must be prepared for this job called Mukhtarnama. The power of one person can appoint one of five others for his work. A fifty rupee stamp duty on power as lawyers paid in accordance with Article 48 Schedule 1B of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899. If the other person has been appointed as Mukhtar in power, then stamp duty will be payable on the amount of the consideration specified in the power of attorney. If the transfer of immovable property rights is granted to Mukhtar with the condition that he would never revoke such rights, then stamp duty will be payable on the total market value of the immovable property on that power.

How much stamp duty is charged on the contract for the sale?

In the case of the sale of immovable property, stamp duty is charged on the basis of the condition of transfer of ownership of the property, if it is clarified in the contract that prior to the implementation of the contract deed, ownership will remain with the seller and without the implementation of the action. If the buyer ownership is not transferred to the buyer, then the contract will be subject to stamp duty at the rate of Rs. 80 per thousand to half a fixed value (consideration) in accordance with Article 5B-1 of Schedule 1B of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899.

If it is mentioned in the contract that ownership prior to the implementation of the act is given to the buyer or to be granted in the future, then such actions should be called according to the explanation mentioned in article 23-A Schedule 1B of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899. Stamp duty will be charged at the rate of Rs 80 per thousand in an amount to the market value of the property or permanent consideration, whichever is higher.

This rate may be 125 per thousand printed in the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 books available in the market, said the rate has been reduced to 80 rupees per thousand by notification dated 31/08/1998 the Government issued under Section 9 of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 .. a hundred rupee stamp duty paid on the basis of Article 5 (c) of Schedule 1B of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899, relating to the sale of goods moving.

UP Is 4- city planning and development of the sales contract

Two percent additional stamp duty payable under the Act of 1973 or Uttar Pradesh Housing and Development Board Act 1962 is also charged. A contract is a transaction that is not considered a transfer because there is no transfer of rights or authority. For this reason, under the said Acts, two percent additional stamp duty is not paid under the said Acts. Provided that when the ownership of immovable property is transferred before the execution of the deed on the basis of the contract is given to the buyer of the agreement given to the buyer, then the contract is considered a letter of transfer for the purposes of stamp duty liability. See the interpretation given under Article 23 of Schedule 1 V of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899) Therefore, the contract will be charged plus an additional two percent stamp duty.

Is the stamp duty paid on a contract of sale of immovable property can be restored on a contract basis, in terms if the sales letter is not executed or in the event, the contract is dissolved?

The amount of stamp duty paid on a contract can not be restored if the contract is broken or sales letters are not run on a contract basis. Since there are no such arrangements have been made in sections 49-55 of Chapter 5 of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899.

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Other Related Questions

What is IGRSUP?

IGRSUP is the information portal Stamp and Registration Department of the Government.

How to check UP Online Land Records?

Step 1 – Go to the official site: For this, you need to visit the official portal namely http://upbhulekh.gov.in.
Step 2 – Enter the captcha code: A dialog will appear and you must enter a captcha code displayed.

How do I download Registry?

Free to Download Registry. Link etc.
First, click the “Download” button with a green background (Button is marked in the picture). Step 1: Download Registry.dll library.
The download page will open after clicking the Download button. Once the page opens, to download Registry.

How To Track status?

First of all, you should visit the official website of the Government of your country.
After that find links for Marriage Registration in the State portal.
Click on the check Marriage Registration Status link.
Enter Acknowledgment Number or Application Number and then click on Submit Option.

What is stamp duty in UP?

Stamp duty and registration fees in UP
Buyers in UP have to pay 7% of the transaction cost as stamp duty. If the properties listed below-specified level government circles, the buyer still has to pay the amount in effect on the value determined by calculating the level of the circle

A country that has the highest stamp duty?
Northern Territory

Northern Territory: Northern Territory Overall levies the highest amount of stamp duty of all countries to owner-occupied homes and the second-highest for an investment property.