Hotstar Pauses Weekly Disney+ Content Rollout in India

This Friday the past, Disney + released a new coming-of-age film called Stargirl – not to be confused with the upcoming series DC Universe with the same name – in addition to new episodes for several reality series scripted and sustainable, including those such as the diary of a President of the Future, Disney Family Sunday, Fairy Tale Wedding, Marvel heroes Project, One Day at Disney, Pixar in real Life, and Shop Class. But none of that is available in Hotstar – or Disney + Hotstar, depending on how it’s feeling – even a day later, despite all the Disney + The original released in India earlier this week on Wednesday.

It signals that Hotstar has stopped launching new weekly + Disney content in India. Gadget 360 has reached out to Hotstar for confirmation and comment at the time of the moratorium is expected to be lifted. After suddenly dropped everything on Wednesday, it is not clear why Hotstar has now decided to not push out new content, especially in the case of the seven series, which is already available in Hotstar. The last new episode for each series is on the Friday before. It is an option that is curious, to say the least, although not in accordance with the pattern set by Hotstar – one of confusion.

Hotstar has really bungled the launch of Disney + in India. A bit of catch-up for those who need it. Wednesday morning, Hotstar pushed out all of the original Disney + for a complete rebranding of applications for “Disney + Hotstar”. But then changed his mind that day. hidden content from search, rebranding has largely disappeared – depending on when and where you access it, the application icon may read “Hotstar” or “Disney + Hotstar” – even though the new live blue theme. Hotstar said the new application is in beta testing until the full launch on March 29, but it looks like a cover-up for his carelessness.

Some of those concerns are expected to be discussed at the launch event in Mumbai on Friday, which was canceled at the last minute, citing the ongoing coronavirus COVID 19th pandemic. And after the decision of the BCCI on Friday to delay the start of 2020 season of Indian Premier League until mid-April in the wake of concerns about a pandemic, Disney + ‘official arrival in India could get delayed, given the desire for a Disney +,’ India launch s with the initial IPL. Hotstar did not respond to multiple requests for comment on the Gadget 360 possible delay of the launch.

Because of that, it is possible that customers Hotstar in India may not see the new Disney content + until mid-April. After Wednesday’s pleasant surprise, Hotstar has switched back to the regular program: let users down.

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