G20 Virtual World Summit to be held on March 26

The first virtual G-20 summit to be held on March 26, 2020, under the leadership of Saudi King Salman. The summit will bring together 20 countries in the world that will discuss measures and guidelines to address COVID 19 pandemic.

All G20 countries including India will join the summit via videoconference. The aim is to discuss the mechanism and appropriate response to the outbreak of coronavirus guidelines.

The WHO’s decision to conduct meetings via videoconference taken in light of ongoing health crises has affected the economy, education, health of the entire world.

Significance of the G-20 virtual Summit: The strong economy of the world will come together to discuss the mechanism and process control this pandemic impact Indian PM Narendra Modi will also join the virtual summit.

The key area of ​​discussion will include the provision of medical facilities and equipment, especially in developing solidarity countries. Encouraging, one an important point in the upcoming G-20 summit will virtually encourage countries to release off the restrictions and tariff restrictions to make cross-border trading easier and smooth.

G-20 countries: Full List G- 20 consists of 19 countries and the European Union, Canada, China, Brazil Argentina, Australia, India, Indonesia, Germany, France, Mexico, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, South Korea, UK, US

Background: Saudi Arabia is the current chair of the G-20 took the decision to do the virtual summit. The announcement was made on March 17, 2020.

This conference date was not specified at the time but the goal is to bring together to discuss the growing economic health and economic statement crisis.

The proposed by Saudi Secretariat mentioned requirements and policies put effort coordinated by the G-20 countries which will aim to protect people and economies around the world from Corona Virus.