June 29, 2022

Fasal Girdawari Report MP 2021- Download App @ saara.mp.gov.in

Fasal Girdawari Report MP 2021- Download App @ saara.mp.gov.in

Fasal Girdawari – If you want to check the dashboard of Madhya Pradesh Fasal Girdawari, then you are at the right place to check now.

Fasal Girdawari Today in MP

Important Steps to follow:

You have to select District – Tehsil – RI Halka – Village, Then you will get the following information mention below:

  1. Land Record Area
  2. Girdavari Area
  3. Pvt Land Area
  4. Pvt Girdavari Area
  5. Govt Land Area
  6. Govt Girdavari Area

Direct link available to check MP Fasal Girdawari dashboard: https://app.powerbi.com/view?r=eyJrIjoiYTEwNzBkYWItNDI0NC00NGJjLWI1YWQtNjE0YzgxYzI2NjU0IiwidCI6IjYzMzI3N2ExLTFmMDctNGU5Mi04MDQwLWNiOGNkYmQ2NTQxNCJ9

Fasal Girdawari Dashboard Today

Easy Steps to check Fasal Girdawari

Go to the official website by using the direct link http://saara.mp.gov.in/

Fasal Girdawari Step 1

Click on Fasal Girdawari

Fasal Girdawari Step 2

Click on “गिरदावरी की स्थिती (रकबावार)

Fasal Girdawari Step 3


Girdawari (Harvest Inspection) is an important activity that must be done by the department of income at least twice a year and a special Girdawari is also detained as and when Exige appears. During the typical Girdawari, a register must be prepared and guarded by Patwari. Until now the exercise is done manually and the records collected are then included in the software. There are no records such as GPS coordinates or plant images stored in the notes. Girdawari is examined by senior income functionaries also to ensure the truth of the data collected.