June 30, 2022

Bhulekh Odisha NIC IN – Land Record Search By Name Odisha (2021)

Bhulekh Odisha – Land Record Search By Name Odisha (2021) {Updated}

Bhulekh Odisha

Bhulekh Odisha: If you are looking to check Bhulekh Odisha Name Wise after the Bhulekh Odisha app download then you are at the right place.  In this article, we will explain Bhulekh Odisha Name Wise to check Bhulekh Odisha Land Valuation.

Bhulekh Odisha – An Overview

Land Record Search By Name Odisha 2021
Organization Name Bhulekh Land Records of Odisha Online
Category Khasra, Plot, Bhunaksha, Plot Details, Land Mutation
Official Site http://bhulekh.ori.nic.in/RoRView.aspx

What Bhulekh Orissa?

Bhulekh Orissa is run a web portal on behalf of the government to create a task to get details about the land records easier for the citizens of Orissa. The main task of Bhulekh Orissa is perfect to give visitors to the site and the latest information about the land and all the details. These details include the name of the current and previous owners. The main principle of this portal is to save all the scams and bogus sales that occur as fewer people can gather information about some of the specific properties of Nagar Nigam.

How can I get ROR in Odisha?

  1. On the official website of Odisha Bhulekh, click on ‘Tahasil Info’ in the menu bar.

Bhulekh Odisha Homepage

Select District, Tahsil, Village and Khatiyan

Bhulekh Odisha Khatiyan

Now, Click on the ROR Frontpage to download the ROR of any Khatiyan or plot.

Bhulekh Odisha ROR Copy

ROR Copy will appear on the screen, now you can take a print out.

What is the land registration fees in Odisha?

Debt caps for property registration in Odisha is 5% of the land market value for all citizens except women. Direct link to Odisha Bhulekh App Download

What is full form ROR?

Return on revenue (ROR) is a measure of company profitability based on the amount of revenue generated. Return on revenue compares the amount of net income generated for each dollar of revenue. 

How to check Odisha Land Records online?

The task to get information on land records challenging, but because Bhulekh Odisha emerged, the whole task has become much easier. All you have to do is go to the web portal Bhulekh Orissa “Bhulekh.ori.nic.in”. Just open your Internet browser and enter the URL mentioned above in the search box address. In the results, you have to go to the first link. Also, you can start by searching for “Bhulekh Orissa” and on the next page, click on the first search results.

Bhulekh Odisha NIC IN

Official website to check Map records online you have to go to the official website of Bhulekh Odisha NIC IN i.e. http://bhulekh.ori.nic.in/

Bhulekh Odisha app download

“Odisha Bhulekh” an online application to the land records state Odisha India, In this unique application, you can check Odisha Land Records, Government benchmark valuation, etc.

Bhulekh Odisha app download can be done on the google play store.

Bhulekh Odisha Puri

How to View the Land Records Revenue and Disaster Management Department, Govt. Odisha

Visit: http://bhulekh.ori.nic.in/

Location: Office Tehsil Each | City: Puri | PIN Code: 752001

Bhulekh Odisha Map 2020

This Bhulek Portal has recently been developed by the government to help citizens to check the ground with the line in the state of Odisha. Also, the government started this service because each time to check on their land in the state of Odisha residents should visit the appropriate authorities and fill out an application to inspect their land. Through this method of checking land records online, citizens can check their ROR documents. All citizens can now check the view map of their land.

ROR Documents Online

ROR documents are documents that include the name of the actual owner of the land. If you want to sell your land, the presence of this document is a must. Also, ROR documents held by the Revenue and Disaster Management, Government of Odisha. It contains all the important information about the land you have such as a land owner’s name, the history of the land, the cost of land, etc. Along with the ownership of the land, ROR also tells about the agricultural aspects of the soil and the environment.

Benefits Of Odisha Bhunaksha Portal

The main benefits of the portal are the availability of land records are online. As we all know, that we all can not go to a government office to pick up the document so that the online portal will help us to take printouts of our documents, and then we can continue our work without wasting time in government offices. Also, the main benefit is the availability of the map to see the citizens of Odisha.

Bhulekh Odisha Statistics / Bhulekh Odisha Land Valuation

Particulars Statistics
No. of districts 30
No. of Tahasils 317
No. of RI circles 2410
Total no. of villages 51701
No. of Khatiyans 16690280
No. of Plots 56672393
No. of Tenants 35212834

Required Documents

The following documents are required while applying for documents ROR: –

  1. Voter ID as proof Identify
  2. Ration Card
  3. Aadhaar Card as proof of address
  4. Proof of property ownership
  5. certificate of mortgage
  6. Land tax
  7. Income certificate

Application Process ROR In Bhulekh Odisha Naksha

To file a ROR document, you must follow the simple steps given below: –

  1. First, visit the District Revenue Office.
  2. Request an application from the office.
  3. Filling in a form.
  4. Attaching documents.
  5. Submit the application form.
  6. Receipt acknowledgment will be given to you.
  7. Stay safe.
  8. Verification will take place.
  9. Finally, a TPK official copy will be issued.

ROR checking documents

If you want to check your documents and follow the simple steps below: –

  1. First, click on this link Official Website
  2. Click “Select a location for ROR” section
  3. Choose- District, Tahasil, Village, RI circle

Three options will be displayed on your screen.


  1. Click on the Option “Khatiyan”
  2. Khaitan selects from the dropdown list.
  3. Saved additional plots
  4. Select the “Plot” option
  5. Select the plot number from the dropdown list.


  1. Click on the “Tenant” option
  2. Select the name of the tenant
  3. Click on the “ROR Front Page” or “ROR Back Home” options to suit your preferences.
  4. Finally, the ROR will appear.
  5. Download a template for future use.

Procedure To Bhulekh Odisha Map Naksha / Map

To check the map, you need to follow the simple steps below: –

  1. Visit the Official Website links provided here
  2. Click on the “Map” tab.
  3. Map Page will be displayed.
  4. Choose your county
  5. Click on the submit button.
  6. Select the number Plot

Importance of Land Record Keeping

  1. Verification of land ownership is possible with the help of land records.
  2. Bank account for the purpose of the loan can be opened with the help of land records
  3. You need to record Land for sale or division of land
  4. You can maintain a personal record of the property.
  5. Land records can be used as evidence or proof in civil litigation or another legal purpose
  6. Important Aspects of Land Record Keeping
  7. You can use the land records as proof or evidence for legal purposes or civil litigation
  8. For the sale of land, land use records
  9. For land distribution, land use records
  10. A bank account can be opened with the help of land records
  11. Loans can be taken with the help of land records
  12. You can verify your ownership of land rights with the help of land records
  13. You can verify your ownership of the land with the help of land records

Getting procedure Tahsil Info

  1. First, you have to go to the official website Bhulekh Odisha
  2. Now you must click on the link Tahsil Info
  3. You will be redirected to another website
  4. Here you have to choose the district and tahsil
  5. Now you have to click where
  6. Tahsil information relating to you will be on your screen
  7. The procedure to download the application Odisha Bhulekh
  8. First of all, you must go to Google Play Store on your phone
  9. Now in the search box, you must enter Odisha Bhulekh
  10. A list will be displayed in front of you
  11. From this list, you have to click on the top results
  12. Now you have to click install
  13. Odisha Bhulekh App will be downloaded on your phone

Services Fees

Services Fee
Government fees and User costs Rs.30/-
Service Charges of the kiosk Operator Rs.8/-
Printing Charges Rs.10/-
Scanning Charges Rs.5/-
Certificate Output Charges Rs.10/-
DEGs charges Rs.2/-

Contact / Helpline Number

1. Concerned Tehsildar


2. Director, Land Records & Survey,
Board of Revenue, Cuttack

Conclusion / Summary

Odisha Board of Revenue Department has launched Odisha Bhulekh Land Records Portal with the objective to provide online land and service revenue associated with the citizens. Bhulekh Odisha is basically a web portal for citizens’ land records Odhisa. it provides an opportunity to easily access more detailed information about the land and land records with the map view Record Bhu Naksha in Orissa.
Odisha government has introduced land records management system called “Odisha Land Record” to provide better services to the citizens through the integration of land and registration services. In this article we discuss the Land Record Online Find Odisha, Odisha Bhulekh Map Records, Orissa Bhu Naksha online ROR, and Land Records Details Map.

Some Important Questions Related To Bhulekh Odisha

How can I know my plot owner in Odisha?

Online portals can be used to get information about land, property owners, property values, and landowners.

Verifying land records with plots
Step 1: Choose the district circle, Tahsil, village, and RI.
Step 2: Select “Plot”.
Step 3: Select the plot number and press “Enter” to see the details of your land record.

Bhulekh Odisha – FAQ

How do I check my land records in Odisha?

  1. You can check the land records by following these steps.
  2. Visit the official website of Odisha Bhulekh.
  3. Provide the necessary details in the section called ‘Select a location for RoR’.
  4. Select Khatiyan, Plot, or Tenant.
  5. Enter an accurate value of the selected option.
  6. Click ‘RoR Back Home’ and land records will be visible.

Where is a map of land in Odisha?

Odisha soil map can be easily found online portal Bhulekh Odisha. Go to the web site and tap on the option ‘Map’. This will take you to another page. There, enter the district, and the district selected maps will be generated.

What is Bhunaksha?

Bhunaksha referring to a map of land in Odisha. Odisha Bhunakha or soil maps can be accessed through an online portal called Bhulekh Odisha land records or on the official website Bhunaksha. You can see the map by selecting the required district.

How I can get ROR in Odisha?

To obtain the ROR in Odisha, you must visit each Tahasil or the Department of Revenue. Collect the ROR application form and submit the completed form filled with the necessary documents. Once verification is complete, a copy ROR will be issued.

What is the cost of land registration in Odisha?

For registration of land in Odisha, 5% of the market price of land is charged as stamp duty for owners of male and 4% change for the female owner. The online registration fee varies based on the type of property. The minimum fee is Rs. 50 and the maximum are Rs. 200.