July 6, 2022

Bhulekh Name Change 2021 – How To Change Name in UPBHULEKH?

Bhulekh Name Change 2021 – How To Change Name in UPBHULEKH?

Bhulekh Name Change – You are facing a problem with changing your name in UPBHULEKH, then you are at the right place to have a one-stop solution.

Bhulekh Name Change – How To Change Name in UPBHULEKH?

Department Board of Revenue
Beneficiaries People of Uttar Pradesh
Portal http://upbhulekh.gov.in/

Bhulekh Digitalization

It helped residents always see and decrease any country’s records from anywhere. Computerization reduces the effort and time for people to roam the government office to collect land records. Property recordings provide the details of the owner, area, etc. Computerization also contributes to the resolution of confusion between the government and personal property.

The Indian government has directed all countries to submit land registry information to an online repository under Indian digital initiatives to digitize land records. Although most states are in the process of translating and uploading certain documents to the portal, some have completed the process.

Country portals such as Bhulekh, Bihar Bhulekh, MP Bhulekh, etc., allows you to access this land record online. The government has launched a program modernization of Indian digital land (DIRMP) programmed to computerize land records, the cadastral map known as Naksha’s Bhu, land record records, and mutation records. Property settlement notes are also updated online to reduce land disputes. Land dispute. About 90% of countries in India have digitized land records and other countries’ computerized notes. By surveying land parcels, the government regularly updates this UPBHULEKH land record.

Bhulekh: Documents needed for online name change applications

  1. The minimum value of the written statement on the stamp paper must be Rs 10.
  2. Cutting the initial newspaper from the ad for a name change.
  3. Do the specified assigned by the two witnesses in the print format.
  4. Photos in two passport sizes.
  5. Copies of proof of legal IDs such as PAN cards, Aadhaar cards, or passports
  6. CD with a soft copy of the application completely in the format .docx.
  7. A letter shows that the material in a hard copy and software is valid.
  8. Application form for authority along with the registration fee.

Bhulekh: Change your name on the land list

It takes around 15 to 20 days for the whole system to get the name changed in land notes. Online procedures for updating name changes have also been implemented by the government, which is faster and simpler. To update name changes in land notes, each country has many online portals.

Follow these steps to change the name in the land document

Submission of affidavit: To implement a new name, a written statement refers to the existing name, a new name, justification for change, and the current address signed by two sheet officers that must be given a notary.

Advertising publications: It is important to publish changes in names in local newspapers. This ad will be published in two newspapers, one day in English and one in the official state language newspaper. Information that must be given for publication is a new name, old name, DOB (date of birth), and address.

Gazette Notification: To complete the legal process to change the name, the copy of the ad containing all necessary documentation must be submitted to the publishing department.

Visit the Registry Land office: landowners can visit land registry offices after the name has been legally transformed and send all documentation related to changes to new names at a small cost to have an updated name in land notes.

Verification Process: The document delivered examined by each officer and an investigation will be carried out to verify if a valid name change.

An updated name change: After the recording check is complete. In government documents, the name will be changed, and the copy will be sent to the Petitioner’s address.