June 28, 2022

Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers 2021|Pay Per Click Websites

Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers 201|Pay Per Click Websites

Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers
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Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers: If you are facing a problem with finding the Best affiliate programs for travel bloggers then you are at the right place. Here is a quick solution to solve the blogger’s problem.

Travel blogging is a popular and profitable niche that can generate large amounts of revenue using various methods of monetization.

Some of the most popular monetization methods on are:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Media.net
  3. Ezoic
  4. Viglink
  5. Direct ad sales
  6. Selling eBooks
  7. Merchandise sales
  8. Affiliate marketing

Today I’ll tell you about some of the top affiliate programs travel blog.

For me, the journey is liberty.

If you’re a travel blogger, I gave a standing ovation. Being a digital nomad, I understand how difficult it is to blog on the go. I also know that it is even more difficult to monetize a blog of your trip.

There are many travel bloggers who frequently gets sponsors for traveling (such as free travel with all expenses paid), but not everyone is so lucky at the beginning of their careers blogging.

Solve the Problem of the Bloggers facing on creating an Affiliate program:

If you’re a travel blogger, I gave a standing ovation. Being a digital nomad, I understand how difficult it is to blog on the go. I also know that it is even more difficult to monetize a blog of your trip.

There are many travel bloggers who frequently gets sponsors for traveling (such as free travel with all expenses paid), but not everyone is so lucky at the beginning of their careers blogging.

It is one of a list of affiliate programs trip. And I hope you make the most of it in .

If you are already experienced in the art of affiliate marketing, then read on for the full list of affiliate programs for travel blogs.



Best to quadruple the income your blog

1. Booking.com Affiliate Programs

Booking.com is a popular name in the travel industry and travels the best affiliate programs in India.

They also have an affiliate partner program is open to anyone with a blog/website, application, or a travel agent. As long as you can offer the best choice of accommodation, this program is for you.


  • Free and easy registration process.
  • Quote box, linking, and choice of banners seeking integration.
  • They have a bid-based, Model commission split.
  • The minimum payout is € 100.
  • Payout mode is PayPal (create a PayPal account).
  • You can integrate the search box Booking.com on a WordPress blog by using this official plugin.


When someone planning a trip, they usually check TripAdvisor for reviews, recommendations, and reservations.

Getting on this affiliate program will be valuable because you can source content from their website and connect your readers back to the original content through your tracking link.


  • 50% commission.
  • Deep linking to more than 500,000 cities and hotels.
  • Tiered commission structure.
  • Monthly payment.



3.Amazon Associates

Whenever I do research or compile a list of exclusive niche-based affiliate program like this, it is always incomplete without the Amazon affiliate program.

Amazon is a major destination for online purchases. They have an outstanding reputation and will help you get a huge amount of money in a short time.

Once you join the Amazon Associates program, you can link to any of the products listed on Amazon and receive money around the site.

What is really cool about the Amazon affiliate program is you will earn money every time a user called purchase any product from Amazon. That is, not only should be a product you send them to.


  • Very well-known network.
  • Getting started is easy and you’ll find tons of guides and videos.
  • Many of the products related to tourists and traveling.
  • higher commissions once you start referring to more users.

Tip: If you find it takes to create a link to an individual product, you can use Viglink to make the process easier. You can learn more about here and join Viglink here.

4.Other travel sites and popular services affiliate programs offer

Hipmunk offers through ImpactRadius Network

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts through VigLink

If you have not joined the travel affiliate program listed above like the , then you should do it now.

This list is now up to date, but to make it complete, needs your contribution!

Do let us know of any other popular affiliate program for the travel niche that you would recommend to other travel bloggers. Make sure you use the plugin to create a link cloaking your affiliate link user-friendly to take .

I look forward to reading your tips and ideas insights in the comments section below.



Peoples are earning millions of dollars with affiliate marketing online. (Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers)

I’m gonna be going over five different affiliate programs in the travel niche that pays anywhere from seventy-two dollars credit to fifty
percent commissions and Ill be explaining how you can make money with Amazon’s affiliate program here as well so stay tuned were gonna be doing some of this on my computer right over there.

People spend a lot of money traveling in

There’s so much money on travel and you can be a part of it as a marketer which is really exciting. So there are some really big companies travel companies themselves that are simply affiliate marketer hotels.com or cars.com or Expedia.com or any of the travel booking sites like a kayak.

Those are all actually affiliates which are kind of surprising Expedia doesn’t own any planes. Expedia just connects customers with plane flights and they make a commission as an affiliate.

Travel affiliate website examples are given to help bloggers.

Another billion-dollar travel company is hotels.com

Hotels.com doesn’t own any hotels they just connect people looking for hotels with hotel companies and they make a commission for doing so. So there’s a lot of money and there some really big affiliate marketing companies in the travel space. If you want to get started as an affiliate one place to get started is a really great company and I think everybody knows which is Airbnb, they will give you 72 dollars credit for referring friends or referring other people to their program. The problem with this is is the credit has to be used on their websites,
so you cant actually earn real money with the Airbnbs affiliate program but that being said its a very well-known company so I figured I just included on this list here.

The next affiliate program you can market is called Agoda

They help people with booking flights or hotels and they’ll give you up to 5% revenue sharing based on what people spend on their site if you are an affiliate for them. Cool program well-known company not a lot of commissions but you know once again giving you kind of an idea of
they are all companies that really have affiliate programs.


I’m gonna save the two best for last, and let’s skip down to Amazon now

Amazon’s very easy

To make money as an affiliate and they pay anywhere from five to ten percent commissions on products so let’s go over to my computer and I’ll show you an example of an affiliate link with Amazon. Now, if you want to get started with amazons affiliate program what you need to do let’s check over here on my computer is you need to scroll down here as you see I’m here on Amazon you need to scroll down to the very bottom of the page and there will be a section that says make money with us and this is these are all the ways that you can make money working with Amazon.

So I’m actually logged in right here

But you can make about five to ten percent commission. Now, after you sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program you will get this little thing called site stripe if you see this thing in the top this top bar on my screen this will appear when you’re on Amazon and you can for any product you can click get a link.

So what I did, just for the purposes of this training was I brought up an example of how you can give people travel resources and make money from it. Heres the photos Travel Guide to Thailand, Thailand is one of my favorite places in the world, I’ve spent a lot of time out there and really enjoy it. Now, if you’re recommending people go to Thailand and you want to recommend their book you can go up here
and you can click get a link.


Booking.com Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers

I’m gonna discuss is booking.com and you can earn anywhere from twenty-five to forty percent commissions with booking.com as you see booking.com calls it their affiliate partner program right here and you can join for free very easy to sign up with the program they give some explanation and they have a huge program here look at this.

Over 1 million room nights are booked with them on a daily basis,


One and a half million rooms are booked on a daily basis with booking comm the reach is incredible and obviously, the business model is cranking. They’re experienced with working with affiliates this program has over 12,000 affiliates who are working day and night to promote booking coms search engines. So this is a very good affiliate program they have plenty of resources and you can make a good deal of money working with the booking.com program. Now the last affiliate program I’m gonna go over offers Whopping 50%

TripAdvisor Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers

Commissions and it’s a very well-known name and that company is a company

I’ve used a lot of before called TripAdvisor.


TripAdvisor is a great company to be an affiliate for and if you come over with me to my computer I’m going to bring up their affiliate program right now, so as you can see 50% commission and you can do deep linking to over half a million dollar our sorry half-a-million City and hotel pages and you will join their affiliate network through their the affiliate program is done through commission junction so you just search for their affiliate program, you can just search

TripAdvisor travel affiliate program and you will get what you need you’ll find what you need to start out as an affiliate in the travel industry. Boom! If you want to help people travel the world and also make some money for yourself or if you just want to travel the world and talk about it, these are all great options who monetize hopefully a lot of fun you’re having while traveling the world or at least talking about traveling the world.

This is a great way to just monetize whatever your passion is anything you want to talk about in life or whatever your passion is you can make money off of it just by marketing it and setting up websites or YouTube channels or Instagram accounts on the stuff you love.


Now thanks for reading, if you got some value out of this out of training type in the comments. Just say massive value if you got some value
out of this if you have any questions or comments or things. That you’d like to see me trained about in the future make sure to write that in the comments. If you’d like to see more articles on how you can be an affiliate marketer. And make money traveling the world and working online

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